Arkansas Epilepsy Program Services

Electroencephalographic Investigation (EEG): EEG remains the most important test for studying electrical brain activity. It is used in evaluating patients' suspected seizures by helping to determine precisely the patient's seizure type, and as part of testing for individuals undergoing presurgical evaluation.

Ambulatory EEG Services: Through the use of ambulatory EEG recording, patients can undergo continuous EEG recording while at home. This technique is useful in helping diagnose seizures while allowing patients to continue their everyday activities.

Inpatient Services: Through admittance to a local hospital, inpatient video monitoring further enables our staff to diagnose difficult cases, determine optimal medication regimens, and evaluate epilepsy surgery patients.

Clinical Drug Trials: Patients who meet the appropriate criteria may receive the latest in epilepsy research drugs. For more information, call (501) 227-6179 or visit

Epilepsy Support Group: A monthly support group for people with epilepsy and their significant others. Services include epilepsy education and discussions concerning emotional support for the epileptic population.

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