FDA Panel Approves New Device For Treating Adults with Partial Seizures


"The Epilepsy Foundation supports new innovations in therapy for epilepsy including the responsive neurostimulation device for epilepsy," said Dr. Joseph Sirven, Chair of the Epilepsy Foundation's Professional Advisory Board and Editor-in-Chief of epilepsy.com. "The clinical research conducted on this device was meticulous and detailed. For patients, where surgery is not an option, this device provided life saving improvement in quality of life. Moreover, the fact that the device also records continuous EEG signal that can be transmitted to a physician miles away is the ultimate telemedicine device for individualized medicine. This tool is an important addition to the therapeutic arsenal against chronic epilepsy."

"We have worked for over 15 years to develop and clinically evaluate the RNS System. We are very excited that patients and physicians who need new treatment options so desperately are now likely to have the RNS System commercially available in the near future," said Frank Fischer, NeuroPace CEO.



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